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Monday, July 12, 2010

Product Review: MAC Face and Body Foundation

As a lifelong devotee to MAC I have always worn either the Studio Fix Fluid or the Select SPF. However, living in a hot and dry climate 75% of the year, I found that my skin overproduced oil when it came to BOTH of my beloved foundations. I have tried several primers and combinations of primers but everyday come 3:00 I look like an oil soaked sponge.
I made a beeline to my MAC store and fell in love with their Face and Body Foundation. First of all for the less than the price of a decent bottle of foundation, I get 4 FULL ounces of foundation. I may not have to buy any for a year! Second, the coverage is light enough to let my skin show through but buildable enough so I can cover up any imperfections. And third, it is breathable on my skin. I have instanlty noticed my skin "calming down."
The product has a waxy finish which means it won't transfer or move. I have found the best setting powder for this is the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural. I tried the Prep and Prime Setting powder and didn't think to highly of the result.
The only downfall is the shade selection. It come in C1-C7 and N1-N7. No NW or NC. And another downfall; according to my MUA, it is being DC'ed. If this product appeals to any of you I would make your way to you MAC counter before it is too late.
Best for- Oily, Combo skin in search of a breathable light to medium coverage.
Wouldn't recommend for- Dry skin. Water based foundation could leave your skin flaky.