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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Work Appropriate?

I love fashion.  And in order to afford all the fashions I love, I have to work.  I work for the government agency so there is no dress code.  I love that I could wear jeans every day if I chose to.  It also means that some of my coworkers come to the office wearing some pretty amusing and confusing ensembles. I can't hold this in anymore. 

Leggings as Pants

This is my number one biggest pet peeve.  I too love to be as comfy as I can when I am at work, but leggings are not appropriate when worn in lieu of pants.  This doesn't mean you can't rock a non-sheer, sophisticated pair under a bum-covering tunic or even a dress.  What this means is that the $5 pair of thin leggings should not be worn with a blouse.
Not long ago I was walking behind a young 20-something woman and could not stop staring at her butt.  I wasn't checking her out, I was staring at her underwear.  She was wearing a pair of black leggings that were so stretched I could see right though them.  Had she worn anything that covered her bottom instead of a printed v-neck shirt, I would not have noticed. 

This isn't just a one time occurrence.  Every day some woman flashes past me wear leggings as pants.  They are not pants people, they are a thick pair of tights, treat them as such.

Tube tops

Is it sad that I have to include this?  I think it is.  The business workforce does not need to know what you wear clubbing.  There is not much more I can need to say about this.

Strapless Dresses

While not club wear, strapless dresses are more appropriate for the weekend barbeque.  I know I have said to myself that I could throw a sweater over a nicer looking tube dress.  HALT!  Put it down, put it back.  You will be pulling up the dress all day rendering the cardigan useless.  Leave it for the beach.

Flip Flops

I wear these every morning TO work.  Once I get to my desk I change into the shoes I brought that go with my outfit du jour.  If I am running to the farmer's market at lunch I might slip them on for the lunch break.  I do NOT go to meetings in them, I do NOT give presentations in them.  And unless you work for a surfboard company or similar, these summer essentials should stay hidden under your desk, away from the boardroom.  There are plenty of cute, office appropriate sandals.

Too-Tight Clothing

I realize everyone's weight goes up and down.  Mine does.  I have also seen it balloon to the point that every single thing I put on was skin tight, or worse.  Instead of living in the past, I held my head up high and marched to my nearest Old Navy and bought a few essentials I knew I could wear on a daily basis.  Sure, they were 2 sizes bigger than I wanted, but I was comfortable at work and I wasn't fussing all over my clothes. 

When clothes are too small they ride up, fall down, or somehow try to make their way off your body.  And what's worse, they make you actually look bigger.  Size up, no one will know.
Mini Skirts

They are cute.  And Ally McBeal made them popular.  But these too should stay in the closet.  During a recent meeting at work, a manager actually brought this topic up.  As it was put, if you have to pull your skirt down or continuously cross your legs, your skirt is too short.  I have a personal rule of no more than 3" above the knee.  This can be adjusted for leg length.  

Sweatpants and Gym Clothes (and PAJAMAS!?)

These are not called sweats or gym clothes for fun, that is what they were constructed for.  Let's get real.  And flannel pajamas are just that, pajamas.  Go to bed earlier, wake up earlier, and make a small effort.  It WILL pay off.

Bathing Suits

I really, Really should not have to write this.  Figure it out.  Unless you are a lifeguard, leave the suits to the pool. 

I wish I could say that these fashions were a rare occurrence, but they aren't.   Just when I think I have seen it all I see an exposed navel or a cut-off that makes my eyes roll.  If you wouldn't wear it to meet your boyfriend's (or girlfriend's) grandma, don't wear it to work.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

How Easily I Forget

Did you ever have a day/week/month that just passed by in a flash?  I feel like that has been my life lately.  I am 5 months away from turning 29, which actually feels scarier than turning 30, and time is moving faster everyday.  My original resolution was to blog to be more me.  joke's on me, the real me forgets pretty much everything, including that she has a blog. 

I have been doing a fair amount of 'soul searching' lately.  The house I moved into has a lot of mirrors.  Not your standard dressing room mirror with impeccable back lighting and just the right paint color to give you the glowing from within look every woman wants.  No, sadly, these are from 1976 and flatten, widen, and squat every inch of my 5'10'' frame.  So, naturally, I have spent a good amount of time every day staring at every magnified imperfection I have in these floor length mirrors.  As you can imagine the hate cycle that blossomed from the relationship with my mirror spiraled out of control, until...

I came across this woman.  Alison has transformed how I view fashion, women, and most importantly myself.  I love viewing her daily outfits and remind myself every chance I get that I am seen, even when I would love nothing more than to hide. 

So lets try this all again, shall we?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 14

Someone you love.

2 weeks sure goes by quickly when you have no internet.  But I am finally moved!

I love lots of people.  Some more than others, Ryan Gosling I am talking to YOU!  So, I feel like this is an unfair post.  It's a 10 way tie at the top of my list though. 

So my top five are.... (in no particular order)

My mom.  Obviously.  She endured hours of labor (with no epi) and 28+ years of my antics.  Thsiw oman deserves a medal.

My little sister.  Again...putting up with my antics. FOR YEARS!

My daughter.  I still can't get over how much of a miracle she is. (Cliche much?)  Yesterday out of the blue she ran up to me and grabbed my face and just smiled.  I mean, hellllooooo?!?!?!  I melted.

My boyfriend.  I never believed it when movies, my parents, friends, Disney used the term happily ever after.  Then I met Jon.  It really does exist.  We compliment each other so well, it's amazing.

My older sister.  She is like my 2nd mom in a way.  She was my babysitter from day 1, and in my teen years a confidant. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 13

Someone you miss the most.

My original thought was to say my Dad.  He passed away when I was in middle school.  Suddenly.  He was 46.  But I don't know if I miss him.  He isn't a part of my life now.  Yes he helped shape my formative years, and there are times I think about all the what-ifs, but he isn't 'missing.' 

My mom moved 5 hours away last spring.  My original thought was that I was overjoyed that she wouldn't turn up at my doorstep unexpectedly or guilt ask me to come over for dinner when I just wanted to stare at a blank wall.  Flash forward a year + later, and I just wish she would move back.  I miss being able to spend a few hours with her on a Saturday trying on clothes at Macy's, going to  movie, or gabbing.

I can still do all that, but one of us will have to drive a long way to do it.  bummer.

Monday, May 14, 2012

30 Dy Blog Challenge- Day 12

Describe your siblings.

I have 4 siblings. 3 of which I can say I know. And 2 of which I can say I know well. For their anonymity, I won’t go into too much detail.

I do have a lot of ‘soul sisters.’ A term I adopted for those close ladies in my life that aren’t related by blood.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 11

Your favorite date place.

Does my couch count?  I love chatting while having my feet rubbed.  Okay, I will get real for a minute. In my city there is nothing to do after 9 PM.  Pretty much any date I have been on involves shoveling food into your mouth and then sitting in a movie theater.  Or if you are really lucky, you not only eat dinner, but you drive to a separate dinning facility to eat dessert.  Not really the healthiest way to date, and all that sitting can make me antsy.

My favorite place to go is only appropriate in the warmer months.  I love to go mini golfing.  I get oddly competitive- no really, it's like I turn into Monica Gellar and I have to win.  The place I like is outdoors.  And they have bumper boats and go karts to boot.  In the winter it rains too much, so unless I am feeling particularly crazy, I won't go there.

Mostly the Mr. and I stay in and cuddle up next to each other on the couch.  And if I am really lucky, I get a foot rub ;-)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 10

Where are you from?

I am from the great ol' state of Wisconsin.  It's funny.  Now that I live in California, it seems boring.  People always ask if I like cheese and if I have gone cow-tipping.  But when I lived there there was no cow-tipping, and cheese went on pizza, and sandwiches, and everything else normal.  Except maybe apple pie.  It's a mid-western thing.  I AM a Packer fan, and I do like Miller Genuine Draft, and i STILL have an accent.  And I am damn proud.

On Wisconsin!

Friday, May 11, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 9

Favorite book and what you're currently reading.

I already miss Maurice Sendak.  We weren't friends, and I didn't know him, but knowing he is gone really gets to me.  Where the Wild Things are is the first book I remember reading to myself all the time.  My mother could probably tell you what the first actual book I read to myself was, but my memory doesn't go back that far.  After bedtime I would sneak out of bed, grab the book and read it to myself.  The thrill of being caught after bedtime combined with the thrill of Max's adventure was almost too much to handle.

Since that book I have read countless 'classics' and mandatory reading for school, and some for pleasure.  The book that has stood out to me, and that changed the way I viewed reading, is 'Good in Bed' by Jennifer Weiner.  No it is not a porno novel.  I found this book on a whim the first summer I was back from college.  Having been over stimulated by professors and papers I found down time of summer break to be rather BORING.  And to top it off, I could no longer wake up when I wanted to, thanks Mom!  So I picked up the book without knowing a thing about the author or plot.

Reading became fun again.  I didn't have to memorize a passage for a class.  I didn't need to write 10 pages on the symbols of the car in the second chapter.  10 years later and I can still remember everything about the book.  I have read it more than a handful of times- I NEVER DO THAT. 

My current read is 'Jeneration X' by Jen Lancaster.  She is hilarious.  If you like a good belly laugh and sarcasm, she is up your alley.

Weekly Wrap-Up

High Five for Friday!  This has been an insanely long week.  INSANE.  It's one of those weeks when you look back to Monday it feels like it was last year.  Sadly, my weekend will be uneventful and filled with packing, tidying and sorting....because... I am moving!  Into a house.  Not a rental house, but a real house with a mortgage.  Wow. Which brings me to my five for this week.

1. The other half and I drove down to my mom's to pick up our fridge, and she threw in a few extras.  Including her beloved sectional that I have coveted since she brought it home.  Now it is mine!
My man and his dad unloading the fridge!

2. My favorite little girl and I had a fun time cuddling up and skyping my mom.  The little miss is more interested in looking at herself....

3.  I had a surprise coupon and award from Banana Republic, so I bought these.  Perfect for a casual summer office look.

4. I discovered Zoya nail polishes.  I painted my nails on Sunday and they lasted all through the work week.  Normally polish lasts 1-2 days, so this is a milestone.  

5.  I have wood floors!!!!!!  After weeks of being completely impatient, the other half finally began the installation on Monday night.
Not bad looking right?  And the wood looks good too.

I cannot believe I move in 8 days. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 8

Your Dream Job.

If anyone had asked me this question 10 years ago, and I am pretty sure they did, I would have said an opera singer.  FAMOUS opera singer.  I was in school studying vocal performance- yes that is a real major- and very much in love with a dream.  As my eyes opened during my collegiate days, I learned the harsh truths about the music and opera industry.  Much like high school, the "business" is very clique-ish and there is so much back-stabbing and false hopes that it knocks you off your feet.  Luckily I realized this before spending tens of thousands of dollars on arts programs not included with my tuition. 

I would love to be a famous classic rock singer.  But it is 2012, not 1962.  I am 50 years too late.

Today the thing that drives me is fashion.  But more than that I love shopping.  Not purchasing.  I like to browse, contemplate, imagine, and visualize the endless possibilities that could come with a pair of pants, or skirt, or LBD.  When my other half changed roles where we both work, it was necessary for him to purchase almost a whole closet full of new clothes.  I had so much fun.  I knew where to pull items from and without much thought, what style to go for.  He liked everything (he is a guy so that means he grunted twice), but the real compliment came when his co-workers (some of them very stylish women) complimented him on how sharp he looked. 

I think being a fashion buyer, celebrity stylist, or similar would have to rank near the top. 

Odd, all of my friends would have said make-up artist.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 7

The movie you could watch over and over again.

Why do I have to pick just one?!!? No fair!

I am going with my gut on this one.  Another cliche... Pretty Woman.  Don't shut your browser down, hear me out.  It isn't so much the love story or the unrealistic rags to riches story... oh no.  It is the shopping scene.  And the way Richard Gere says the word obscene.  Oh to spend 'obscene' amounts of money on Rodeo Dr.  And the clothes aren't terrible.  Yes there is some pretty horrendous 80's fashions that are shown-Hello shoulder pads!- but the brown polka dot dress and the black lace cocktail dress I would wear today.  With different hair.

I know there is a lot of mixed opinions on Julia Roberts.  Some people say she is the most beautiful woman in the world (although People Magazine says that title currently goes to Beyonce), and some people go the other extreme and say she looks like a horse.  Nope, pretty sure she looks like a woman. What I have always obsessed over loved about her is how natural she is.  Sure, she has dyed her hair and put on makeup, but nothing looks too over the top or like she is trying too hard (i am talking to you Elizabeth Banks).  Effortless. 

I never get through the whole movie though.  I usually turn it off before he pops his head out of the limo with a rose... Not that I dislike the ending, I just don't want the fantasy to end.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 6

Favorite Alcoholic Drink.

I would be lying if I said I am a connoisseur of fine adult beverages.  In fact, I am pretty sure I haven't sampled many of the much talked about delicious drinks most 20-somethings rave about.  I was 27 when I had my first Jell-O shot.  27.  That was 6 months ago.  I am NOT a goody-two-shoes, I just never knew how to make jell-o. 

I remember watching one of my favorite TV shows, Sex and the City- here it is again-, and lusting after the seemingly chic pink drinks they had in their hands.  Cosmo sounded so trendy, so adult, I could not wait to try one.  And when i was 19 21, I did.  And I wanted to vomit.  I love cranberry juice, I liked vodka enough, so why did they not go together?!?!?!  So back to the keg-stands and 40's of cheap beer I went.

Then I turned 25.  And my sister made me the BEST drink I ever had.  It was pink, tart, sweet, smooth, and delicious.  It was a cosmopolitan.  But not just any cosmo, MY cosmo.  So why the change in heart?  It was 75% cranberry juice. 

So, moral?  I like cranberry juice, with a splash of vodka and a twist of lime.   Lightweight.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 5

Favorite place in the USA.

Whenever you have to narrow something down to one or two, I find it is nearly impossible.  I have favorite places, but they all are favorites for different reasons.  And my favorite place in the summer is far different from my favorite place in the winter.

So.  The first place that came to my mind with this question is Milwaukee WI.  My hometown.  It can feel like a small town and a big city in one.  Chicago isn't far if you need to escape to some chaos.  I haven't been back in over 10 years, and every year I say I need to go. 

I need to go.  This year.

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 4

What do you want to do before you die?

What don't I want to do?  I guess I am not planning on dying soon since I have a bucket list that is longer than the Odyssey.  Here are just a few.

I want to travel to Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, name it. 
I want to marry then man I am in love with.
I want to pay off the mortgage and live without a house payment, for 20 years.
I want to learn how to cook, well.
I want to run a marathon.
I want to watch my daughter get married, and have kids, and be happy.

The list is quite long.

30 Day blog Challenge- Day 3

Favorite TV show, of all time and currently.

I am obsessed with the show Revenge.  The bitch-faces and fierce outfits are what drew me in at first, but now I am sucked into the storyline.  How will all this play out?  It is the perfect marriage of campy day-time soap and night time drama.  Ah I just love it.

My favorite show of all-time is a total cliche.  Friends.  I remember not being allowed to watch it when I was in middle school.  After all, what 11 year old needs to watch a show about 20-somethings and their  sexcapades through Manhattan.  And don't get me started on their rent-controlled apartment.  You are a waitress and you can afford that?  But the show was cleverly written and had some great real-girl fashion.  Love me some Chandler.  In high school I was allowed to watch it-mostly because my mom LOVED it too.  I miss those 6.

I should point out that Friends only beat Sex and the City by a millimeter.  SATC is one of those shows that I can watch without it ever getting old.  So why is it not my favorite?  I find that as I go through life, SATC is more unrealistic than dating the neighbor from across the hall and marrying him.  And some of those fashions are unforgivable.

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 2

Two things you wish you could tell your most recent ex.

This is a doozy of a question.

1.  We shouldn't have gotten married- my fault!   Long story here, but I can safely say that marriage when you are 21 is a bad idea.

2. You need some serious therapy.  Serious.  Once you get the anger, hatred, and negativity away, you are left with depressed.  It is too much for any one person to have to dealt with.  So deal with it.

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 1

What food item/meal could you eat everyday for the rest of your life?

Do I have to limit this to 1?  There are so many.

I can safely say I will never get tired of ice cream.  Ice cream can be low fat, high fat, fruity, chocolate-y, creamy, icy, you name it.  However, if I was to only eat ice cream, I would probably go into some sort of sugar induced coma.

The other ting I could eat everyday and not tire of is Chipotle.  The black bean bowls are heaven.  In fact, I want one right now!!!

And now I am hungry...

30 Day Blog Challenge

I found this on a blog I read frequently. Here.  And Since I seem to forget to blog more often than I remember to I am going to do it!
Stay tuned...

Day1: What food item/meal could you eat everyday for the rest of your life?
Day2: Two things you wish you could tell your most recent ex.
Day3: Favorite TV show, of all time and currently.
Day4: What you want to do before you die.
Day5: Favorite place in the USA.
Day6: Favorite alcoholic drink.
Day7: The movie could you watch over and over again.
Day8: Your dream job.
Day9: Favorite book and what you’re currently reading.
Day10: Where are you from.
Day11: Your favorite date place.
Day12: Describe your siblings.
Day13: Someone you miss the most.
Day14: Someone you love.
Day15: Favorite store.
Day16: Your view on soul mates.
Day17: Celebrity crush.
Day18: Favorite band/singer.
Day19: The place/activity that relaxes you most when you’re stressed.
Day20: Favorite quote.
Day21: What your crush/bf/gf looks like.
Day22: What you look for in a person.
Day23: Your best friend, and why?
Day24: Person who knows everything about you.
Day25: Last time you cry and why?
Day26: Thing you love to do most.
Day27: Favorite Boy name and why?
Day28: Most recent concert.
Day29: Your most memorable birthday celebration.
Day30: Your biggest insecurity.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nails of the Day- Essie Love and Acceptnace

Love this polish! I am new to the nail polish craze and I am becoming obsessed! I love Essie polishes. So smooth and quick dry time :-)

Friday, April 6, 2012

High Five For Friday!

This has been a long week.  I am so excited for the weekend.  I can sleep in until 8 am.  I am living on the edge.

And now for my week in review.

1.  I have a new obsession.  Nail polish.  After making 2 trips to Ulta I have settled on a lovely shade of taupe.  Bam!

(and the little person loved it too)

2.  My kitchen has been demo'd!

3.  I love LOVE my new bag

4.  Easter Egg Hunt this weekend!!

5.  The Weather is getting warmer!  This means color has exploded in my house!!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Favorites

It is already April.  I need to start Christmas shopping or I might miss it.  I have been working on launching a website for my side business as a makeup artist.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?

I had so many favorite things this month.  It seems brings out the over spender in me.

And without further ado...

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation
I know I gave up on this last year, but I have begun mixing the NC 20 and the NW 20 together and it is amazing!

Bare Escentuals Handi Buki Brush
I don't use mineral makeup.  I breakout and look like a pizza.  I can't throw away a makeup brush if it still works so, I held onto it.  For 10 years.  This brush is amazing for applying my liquid foundation.  It was by total accident that I started using it (OK, all my other brushes were dirty).  If you have this, try it.  It is the BEST finish I have ever achieved.

MAC Technakohl Eyeliners
I recently purchased a few of these and I LOVE the wear on them.  They last all day for me without budging. These aren't recommended for the waterline, but I have done it and I can still see, sort of.

Benefit Powderflage
March was busy, and I forgot to sleep.  This help mask the blue/gray circles under my eyes.  It doesn't get cakey like other powders and it feels like silk.

Revlon Lip Butter- Tutti Frutti
Pantone told me this years color is tangerine, so I have to obey.  Since I am not one to wear much color on my lips, this is the perfect hint of orange without being overkill.

Simple Gentle Cleanser
Since I am a sucker for a good commercial, i decided to try this when I lost my CeraVe cleanser.  It has calmed the inflammation down and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight after I wash.  And it was only 7 dollars!

Color Club Neon Nail Polish
I got this in my March BirchBox.  I am not one for bright nail polish, but this is completely wearable.  The finish is smooth and opaque and the dry time is so quick.

Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Blow Dry Perfector
Let's just say, I no longer need my straightening iron...I am in love.

This last one is not a beauty product, but I love it, and it truly is a favorite...

Michael Kors Hamilton Tote
Words can't express....

I would love to know other people's favorites :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring has sprung...

Actually, it is 52 degrees and raining right now.  Yes, even in California the weather can be drab.  So I spent the day drooling lusting after all the fun colors that spring fashion has in stores right now.

One trend I was not 100% I could get behind one is.... colored bottoms.  I tried the red pants during xmas and they sat in my drawer, I have tried the bright skinny jeans and can't get past that 80's feel.  I found the salmon colored capris at the gap and loved them.  I had a hard time pairing tops with them, but I have some great ideas in mind.  So, because I have branched out, I have become addicted.  I bought these:

Thanks Loft for your dressing room!

I kind of love them.  I also really loved the highlighter yellow shirt with them, but I didn't buy it.  Spring and sweaters just confuses me.  So I bought a highlighter yellow tank instead.  

So now...if only the weather would cooperate!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter Review...and SWATCHES!

I have a new makeup obsession.  Ok, it's 2 months old.  BUT, in all fairness, I didn't know I was obsessed until someone pointed it out to me.  I.  Love.  Lip.  Butters.  So much so that within a week of trying my first one I stalked all the ads for Rite Aid, CVS and Target to see if they were on sale so I could buy them all.  I did NOT buy them all, but I did buy quite a few.  I am sure over time I will collect them all.

Theses feel like lip balm but look like a lipstick and gloss.  They are sheer enough that I feel confident pulling off the brightest of colors.  They are so comfortable on the lips.  Typical wear for me is about 3-4 hours while at work and 4-5 on the weekends. (Side note: I am convinced the lighting in my office actually eats the makeup off my face.)  All the colors I have tried have a hint of shimmer (one of them has actual sparkle) but they don't feel grainy. 

For now my favorite is Tutti Frutti.  The perfect wash of orange for spring!

These have actually replaced lip gloss as my daily lip treatment.  I am in love!

What? Revlon Lip Butter
Where to buy? CVS, Rite Aid, Target, etc
Cost? $7.00

 From left to right: Peach Parfait, Tutti Frutti, Cupcake, Berry Smoothie, Raspberry Pie, Lollipop, Strawberry Shortcake
 Same as above; without flash
 With flash


 Strawberry Shortcake

 Peach Parfait

 Tutti Frutti

 Berry Smoothie
 Raspberry Pie


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I woke up and thought it was Friday. I was too disappointed that it was actually Wednesday to put on my business clothes. So I am in jeans. In a Wednesday. Normally I wouldn't put on outfit like this on display...but... This has to be one of my favorite colors in the world. I think I buy a new coral sweater every spring. And summer.

I have been lusting after the Stella & Dot earrings that all the style bloggers have been sporting. The green drop earrings. Love. I was all set to purchase them but I got distracted. And then last nights I remembered I had these! Not the same but the work for me :-)

Happy hump day

Top- Banana Republic, Cardigan- NY & Co, Jeans- Levi's, Flats- Target, Necklace and earrings- Banana Republic (2007)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Casual Friday

 T-shirt- Target, Sweater-Target, Skinny Jeans- Tommy Hilfiger, Flats- Tory Burch

I stopped stalked a girl in a grocery store to ask her where she got her sweater.  I chased her down the bread aisle.  I had just been to the gym and I looked a little worse for the I am pretty sure she thought I was going to attack her.  She stammered 'Target' and ran the other way.  I ran to target.  I have been looking for something casual and gray to wear on days that I can't leave my desk because I have so much work to do.

I am a big fan of this style recipe.  Skinny legged jeans, flats, draped cardigan; if my hair were in a sock bun I would be jumping up and down and doing cartwheels. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Round Two

Today was crazy.
 Top- Loft, Sweater- Merona for Target, Skirt- Loft, Booties- Sofft


Man I have got to work on my facial expressions.  Since I am taking photos on my iPhone (in a bathroom) I have to focus on getting the picture done (and done before anyone else wanders in), so I apologize for the scowl.  I found this skirt in 2011 during a 50% off sale.  I normally gravitate toward the pencil skirt- Joan Holloway you are my hero- but something about not needing to wear Spanx the flowiness of this skirt spoke to me.  Then I touched it.  It feels like sweatpants.  
These shoes/booties shooties were found at Nordstrom.  Not on sale.  Eek!  I was a latecomer to this shootie craze.  In fact I was so worried I had nightmares we would all soon wear bright hair scrunchies and flip our collars up like a bad John Hughes film interpretation.  That has really happened, right?  Back to the shoes.  I was terrified of single-handedly bring back the 80's with my shoes,, but I went for it.  These are so comfortable, I can wear them 10-12 hours with no pain. LOVE!

I'm behind

This was suppose to be yesterday's post but I fell asleep hardcore at 9. We party hard in my house.

I love this "sweater." It's actually a jersey material but surprisingly warm. My complaint is that it only goes with a few things in my closet.
I also stole the idea of black jeans and brown boots from my friend. Until she did it I would have never paired black and brown. Ever.

Top- NY&Co, Sweater- INC, Black Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger, Boots-Old Navy, Necklace-Loft

What do you think? ( And yes one of the photos was in my daughter's room)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm sensing a theme...

I am in love with color blocking. I am also a chicken. This is what i would consider color block light. Yesterday I did warm tones, so obviously today should be cool tones.

I love this top. I love these pants. I think I don't love them together. And yes, the pants are navy.

Top- NY&Co, Pants- Gap, Shoes- Macy's (Style&Co), Necklace- J. Crew

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tangerine smoothie-OOTD

I bought these khakis at the Gap recently. I love them, but I had a hard time pairing a top with them. I kept defaulting to black. I love black, but I am on a challenge to not wear it with everything.

Today the weather is supposed to be 75 degrees. I had to double check the calendar. It's the perfect day to break out the new pants!

Shirt- NYandCo, Sweater- Banana Republic, Pants- Gap, Necklace- Loft, Earrings- Banana Republic, Flats- Target

My thoughts- color still scares me, but I feel chic in this outfit.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Outfit of the day

As part of my quest for world dominance I will also be including outfit posts. Why? Because I like taking photos of myself. :-)

The real reason is to force me to dress better. I used to be able to wear anything to work (including pajamas). However, since I have worked my way up in the world I don't have that "luxury.". I need to develop my business dress.

Dress- Loft(2008), Belt- NY&Co, Shoes- Naturalizer via Macy's

My thoughts on it- boring and monochromatic.
I didn't get a positive or negative reaction from anyone so this does not pass.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Getting Gorgeous- Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Review

So many people swear by MUFE HD Foundation.  I have tried to love this foundation many times, but each time my thoughts are the same.  HD is supposed to give you an invisible coverage, in turn giving you the effect of an airbrushed canvas.  However, I find that effect is short lived.

MUFE states that it is medium to full coverage and optimal for HD lenses.  I will agree that the formula is catered to HD lenses as it helps camouflage the 'makeup' look on cameras.  I will disagree with the statement that this is a medium-full foundation.  I found this to be light, to medium light, unless I spent the time to build the product up. 

I loved the appearance at first, however the foundation did not last long and needed touching up before noon.  Even after a second layer of powder, the foundation would not stay set and began to slide around my face (I have normal/combo skin).  I really want to love this product.  I love how I look when leave the house, but not when I get home.

- Looks amazing under HD lenses.
- Ample color selection
- Slow drying time allows for optimal blending.
- Buildable without feeling caked on or uneven.
- Great choice for bridal work.
- Works well on drier skin types.

- Wear time.  I got around 4-6 hours of wear.
- Slides around the face too much.
- The finish is too dewey for my liking.

Price: $40

Where to buy?


Excellent foundation for photo shoots or on-camera work. I wouldn't recommend this for all-day wear if you have normal to oily skin.  The higher price tag makes this an unjustified occasional foundation for me.

My Top Nude Lips

I have always loved lipsticks and glosses. When I was allowed to wear makeup, I could only wear lip color. I had fire-engine red, a bright neon pink, and a brown-burgundy color. All of them were Clinique and all of them were gift with purchase hand-me-downs from my mom.

I looked like a hot tranny mess.


After the 10,000th time I was made fun of, I swore I would NEVER wear color on my lips again. The exception to this was any stage performance and prom.

So, I stuck to clear gloss and chapstick.

Until I discovered my friends on this list. This is both lipsticks and glosses.

MAC Viva Glam V Lipstick

Not really a nude. But it is neutral so it makes it onto the list. This is a go to for Bridal looks.

MAC Creme d'Nude Lipstick

I love this more than Myth. Myth is white out for lips. Creme d'Nude is wearable. It makes a great base for colored gloss on top.

MAC Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass

I feel like a supermodel when I wear this.

Clinique Baby Baby Lipstick

My first nude lipstick. So creamy and shiny. Gives that starlet pout.

MAC Marquis D' Lipstick

I know! This was Limited Edition, but I can't NOT include it.

MAC Prrr Lipglass

Also on the darker side. But if you want a nude lip and you have darker skin, or darker lips, this is a great option for less dramatic looks.

MAC Lust Lipglass

Similar to Prrr, but this has more of a caramel undertone. I prefer this over Prrr to pair with smokey eyes.

Buxom Lip Stick in Sydney

This has amazing staying power. It tones downs my lip color and helps any gloss stay on longer. These are amazing.

Friday, January 27, 2012

MAC Top Ten

I am a MAC loyalist. I have tried brand after brand and while there are some that are a close second, no other brand has the pigment, variety, and quality like MAC.
These are in no particular order.

10. Cranberry
This color is amazing on EVERYONE. I love this on the lid, under the eye, or in the crease to build depth.

9. Vanilla
This is my go to daily highlight. Use it on the brow bone for fairer skin and in the tear duct for darker skin. I have also used this as a luminous cheek highlighter.

8. Contrast
A midnight blue-purple that I am not intimidated by. It is a great substitution for black liner and a beautiful crease color. The best part is it completely wearable on any occasion. No Mimi here!

7. Expensive Pink
If you want that beach bombshell look, this is the go to eye color. Wear it ANYWHERE.

6. Blackberry
Subtle and sophisticated. It is great for every day wear. I use this on all my brides-- it adds depth but won't wash you out.

5. Satin Taupe
This is a 'one and done' color. The way the pigments reflect make this look like 3 colors in one.

4. Amber Lights
This true golden bronze is one of my first purchases. I love this for a lighter smokey eye.

3. Soft Brown
This color looks like nothing in the pan, but once it's on it is an amazing contour color. I use this daily to blend my crease.

2. Sushi Flower
This is why i love MAC. This pink is beautiful and soft but can be layered to amp up the drama. Not for the risk-avoiders ;-).

1. Embark
I don't wear black on a daily basis. The harsh lighting in my office makes it look like I have a black eye. This is my go to for lining and defining.

My Favorite Things

Every makeup junkie has their list of must haves. It has taken me 16 + years and countless trials (and major errors) to come up with my must haves.

I previously mentioned my quest for THE foundation [exciting developments to come] and the 'agony' that I have experienced with that (OK, I am pretty sure I never cried myself to sleep, but you get the idea).

My second "struggle" is mascara, but I will spare you MOST of the details. My first mascara was a hand-me-down tube from my mom. I think about this now and am so glad my eyeballs are still intact. I have tried low-end to high-end and everything in between. Four years ago I stumbled across my holy grail and nothing has switched since.
Cover Girl Lash Blast (Waterproof)

Why I love it:
I have stiff, straight, stubborn lashes. This mascara holds the curl while delivering a jet black lush finish. I like that there is some flexibility while really keeping the shape. It is thickening (I have tried the length version and still go back to volumizing) and the fibers in the formula help lengthen the lash as well.
Oh! And the brush is awesome. The bristles are firm and separate the lash beautifully.

On some, it make feel stiffer that other mascaras.
You have to remove with an oil based eye makeup remover.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting Gorgeous- My quest for the PERFECT foundation. Part 1.

I was not 'blessed' with flawless skin. From 4th grade on I had some pretty epic constellations of acne on my face. Then I turned 22 and it started to disapate. And was GONE! OMG, it was great. I wore only foundation and, IF I was really tired, concealer under the eyes. Then one day in February of 2009 that all went away. Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones or the fact that I would fall asleep walking to the bathroom from the hormones, but it was back. And not only that, it was different. My skin was not only oily but dry on my cheeks. That makes choosing a daily foundation routine near impossible.

Since that day I have been on the never ending quest for my personal holy grail foundation.

I have been a loyal MAC user for 6 years. Prior to MAC I used mostly drugstore brands of foundation which were somewhat 'meh' (not to mention they smell like crud). However, now with my new combo skin, my go to Select SPF was no longer cutting it. To MAC I went.

I was instructed to try the Studio Sculpt. The new one told me it sits on the skin and will help with the dry patches. I had read decent reviews, so to the register I went. I love the ease at which it applies, and a little goes a long way and then some. My face didn't look powdery.

And then the dreaded moment.... After lunch I went to check my new purchase out in the mirror. I looked like my face melted off. I was so oily. Every. Where. Damn.

Next came Studio Fix- I had a PERFECT COLOR MATCH- that never happens. Better yet, the noon-time makeup check passed with flying colors. I was convinced I was home free. BUT the formula is thick, and I want a more natural look. So this is a keeper, but maybe only for days when i desperately need the coverage.

Lucky me, the Pro Longwear came out just as I was getting tired of peeling off the layers of foundation every day. I was drawn to is for all the right reasons- 12 hours of wear, matte finish, less coverage than Studio Fix. Home free? Not so much. This left my skin drier than the Sahara (which would be fine if I lived in Seattle, but the winter is dry here), so that one was moved to the back.

As a last ditch effort I also tried the Face and Body- I don't really know WHAT it does, but for me it was just wrong.

My final option is the recently launched Matchmaster. I loved this stuff. I mean it. I would wear it everyday IF.... It matched my skin (stupid change in seasons!!!!). I am in between colors (cue shrieking at my vanity). The '1.5' is ghost white on me and the 2.0 is orange. So this one is being tabled until the summer.

I am not into 'rating' the foundations, but I can safely say that NONE of these are my go to every day foundations. The majority of the foundations MAC has to offer provide great coverage, but they are not everyday wear.

So long my beloved MAC....I will have to move on...but to what?
Stay tuned for more....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kelly Clarkson

Completely unrelated.
I love her. I am completely loyal to her. There are tweets and news and this and that about her being fat and I am fed up with it! NO she does not look like Taylor Swift or Britney Spears. She has an amazingly strong voice. if she looked like a waif or a barbie every time her mouth opened to sing a note she would blow herself backwards.

I would like to think if I were 5 foot nothing I would look just like her....

Beginning, Again, For the 3rd Time

I have been saying for months (years) that I am going to actually write in my blog. I never do it. This year I am doing it.

At midnight on NYE/New Year's Day, my mother asked all of us (my step-dad, sister, boyfriend and self) what our new year's resolutions were. The ever popular 'workout more, eat better, be zen' flashed through my mind. instead I chose to stand up for myself. Kind of an odd choice for someone who has always been so outspoken. Over the past four days I have thought a lot about what I said and now would like to amend it. My 2012 resolution for LIFE: Be more ME.

Great! But WHAT does that even mean? I will find out along the way.

One thing that I know is ME is fashion, makeup, hair etc. In 2008 I stumbled across the glory that is youtube makeup/beauty tutorials. It was a very hot Sunday in July and the air quality was so poor that venturing outside was not an option. Bored to tears I googled some makeup techniques for 'hooded eyes' (more on this to come) and came across a world of online gurus. Instantly I fell in love. In the back of my mind I always thought, 'I could do that.' I have had a long standing obsession with all things beauty (although there a plenty of greasy-haired, no makeup allowed days to go around). This blog will be my own take on beuty hype, fashion, and all things intertwined with that.

My goals are to start slowly so as not to forget to do the simple things like the dishes (actually my wonderful boyfriend, we will refer to him as 2E, frequently does the dishes), my daughter's laundry, or go to work. So happy first post to me, and happy New Year to you!