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Sunday, July 8, 2012

How Easily I Forget

Did you ever have a day/week/month that just passed by in a flash?  I feel like that has been my life lately.  I am 5 months away from turning 29, which actually feels scarier than turning 30, and time is moving faster everyday.  My original resolution was to blog to be more me.  joke's on me, the real me forgets pretty much everything, including that she has a blog. 

I have been doing a fair amount of 'soul searching' lately.  The house I moved into has a lot of mirrors.  Not your standard dressing room mirror with impeccable back lighting and just the right paint color to give you the glowing from within look every woman wants.  No, sadly, these are from 1976 and flatten, widen, and squat every inch of my 5'10'' frame.  So, naturally, I have spent a good amount of time every day staring at every magnified imperfection I have in these floor length mirrors.  As you can imagine the hate cycle that blossomed from the relationship with my mirror spiraled out of control, until...

I came across this woman.  Alison has transformed how I view fashion, women, and most importantly myself.  I love viewing her daily outfits and remind myself every chance I get that I am seen, even when I would love nothing more than to hide. 

So lets try this all again, shall we?


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