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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 14

Someone you love.

2 weeks sure goes by quickly when you have no internet.  But I am finally moved!

I love lots of people.  Some more than others, Ryan Gosling I am talking to YOU!  So, I feel like this is an unfair post.  It's a 10 way tie at the top of my list though. 

So my top five are.... (in no particular order)

My mom.  Obviously.  She endured hours of labor (with no epi) and 28+ years of my antics.  Thsiw oman deserves a medal.

My little sister.  Again...putting up with my antics. FOR YEARS!

My daughter.  I still can't get over how much of a miracle she is. (Cliche much?)  Yesterday out of the blue she ran up to me and grabbed my face and just smiled.  I mean, hellllooooo?!?!?!  I melted.

My boyfriend.  I never believed it when movies, my parents, friends, Disney used the term happily ever after.  Then I met Jon.  It really does exist.  We compliment each other so well, it's amazing.

My older sister.  She is like my 2nd mom in a way.  She was my babysitter from day 1, and in my teen years a confidant. 


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