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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting Gorgeous- My quest for the PERFECT foundation. Part 1.

I was not 'blessed' with flawless skin. From 4th grade on I had some pretty epic constellations of acne on my face. Then I turned 22 and it started to disapate. And was GONE! OMG, it was great. I wore only foundation and, IF I was really tired, concealer under the eyes. Then one day in February of 2009 that all went away. Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones or the fact that I would fall asleep walking to the bathroom from the hormones, but it was back. And not only that, it was different. My skin was not only oily but dry on my cheeks. That makes choosing a daily foundation routine near impossible.

Since that day I have been on the never ending quest for my personal holy grail foundation.

I have been a loyal MAC user for 6 years. Prior to MAC I used mostly drugstore brands of foundation which were somewhat 'meh' (not to mention they smell like crud). However, now with my new combo skin, my go to Select SPF was no longer cutting it. To MAC I went.

I was instructed to try the Studio Sculpt. The new one told me it sits on the skin and will help with the dry patches. I had read decent reviews, so to the register I went. I love the ease at which it applies, and a little goes a long way and then some. My face didn't look powdery.

And then the dreaded moment.... After lunch I went to check my new purchase out in the mirror. I looked like my face melted off. I was so oily. Every. Where. Damn.

Next came Studio Fix- I had a PERFECT COLOR MATCH- that never happens. Better yet, the noon-time makeup check passed with flying colors. I was convinced I was home free. BUT the formula is thick, and I want a more natural look. So this is a keeper, but maybe only for days when i desperately need the coverage.

Lucky me, the Pro Longwear came out just as I was getting tired of peeling off the layers of foundation every day. I was drawn to is for all the right reasons- 12 hours of wear, matte finish, less coverage than Studio Fix. Home free? Not so much. This left my skin drier than the Sahara (which would be fine if I lived in Seattle, but the winter is dry here), so that one was moved to the back.

As a last ditch effort I also tried the Face and Body- I don't really know WHAT it does, but for me it was just wrong.

My final option is the recently launched Matchmaster. I loved this stuff. I mean it. I would wear it everyday IF.... It matched my skin (stupid change in seasons!!!!). I am in between colors (cue shrieking at my vanity). The '1.5' is ghost white on me and the 2.0 is orange. So this one is being tabled until the summer.

I am not into 'rating' the foundations, but I can safely say that NONE of these are my go to every day foundations. The majority of the foundations MAC has to offer provide great coverage, but they are not everyday wear.

So long my beloved MAC....I will have to move on...but to what?
Stay tuned for more....


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