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Friday, January 27, 2012

MAC Top Ten

I am a MAC loyalist. I have tried brand after brand and while there are some that are a close second, no other brand has the pigment, variety, and quality like MAC.
These are in no particular order.

10. Cranberry
This color is amazing on EVERYONE. I love this on the lid, under the eye, or in the crease to build depth.

9. Vanilla
This is my go to daily highlight. Use it on the brow bone for fairer skin and in the tear duct for darker skin. I have also used this as a luminous cheek highlighter.

8. Contrast
A midnight blue-purple that I am not intimidated by. It is a great substitution for black liner and a beautiful crease color. The best part is it completely wearable on any occasion. No Mimi here!

7. Expensive Pink
If you want that beach bombshell look, this is the go to eye color. Wear it ANYWHERE.

6. Blackberry
Subtle and sophisticated. It is great for every day wear. I use this on all my brides-- it adds depth but won't wash you out.

5. Satin Taupe
This is a 'one and done' color. The way the pigments reflect make this look like 3 colors in one.

4. Amber Lights
This true golden bronze is one of my first purchases. I love this for a lighter smokey eye.

3. Soft Brown
This color looks like nothing in the pan, but once it's on it is an amazing contour color. I use this daily to blend my crease.

2. Sushi Flower
This is why i love MAC. This pink is beautiful and soft but can be layered to amp up the drama. Not for the risk-avoiders ;-).

1. Embark
I don't wear black on a daily basis. The harsh lighting in my office makes it look like I have a black eye. This is my go to for lining and defining.


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