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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 13

Someone you miss the most.

My original thought was to say my Dad.  He passed away when I was in middle school.  Suddenly.  He was 46.  But I don't know if I miss him.  He isn't a part of my life now.  Yes he helped shape my formative years, and there are times I think about all the what-ifs, but he isn't 'missing.' 

My mom moved 5 hours away last spring.  My original thought was that I was overjoyed that she wouldn't turn up at my doorstep unexpectedly or guilt ask me to come over for dinner when I just wanted to stare at a blank wall.  Flash forward a year + later, and I just wish she would move back.  I miss being able to spend a few hours with her on a Saturday trying on clothes at Macy's, going to  movie, or gabbing.

I can still do all that, but one of us will have to drive a long way to do it.  bummer.


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